We help your small business create and deliver Informative, Sincere, and and Fun video content. We produce short-form content to use primarily in your social media channels. We also produce crowd-funding videos, product launch videos, as well as informational videos for use in newletters.

With your help in pre-production, we take care of production, post-production, and finish with the delivery of the final video. Some other examples of the types of videos we can produce are:

  • Product Demo
  • Promotional
  • Corporate Culture
  • Educational
  • Instructional
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Sales

Take a look at our Video Gallery to see some of our past work.


We listen to what your small business needs to inform your customers, and we work together to create an effective and concise script. We focus on the key talking points for your brand and gather reference for the look and style of your video.


We find the most efficient place to film (in most cases, on location at your business) and we keep costs down by using the most available talent – YOU (or anyone associated with your business such as your employees). We know that you are the best spokesperson for your business and we will make sure that you will look your best on camera. We don’t stop rolling until you’re happy with it!


To make your video look its best, we take the time to assemble, color correct, color grade, overlay licensed or royalty-free music, and add basic text animations to your production. We want to deliver a product that you will be proud of.